Our Experience

Wallis enjoys a strong track record: consistent delivery of professional services across a wide geography in support of our clients’ most critical communication.

Deep Regional Understanding

The Middle East and North Africa region is geographically immense, linguistically diverse, and culturally varying to an extent not fully appreciated by most, until one attempts to quickly and coherently communicate to its multiple audiences. Even for multinational companies, often with dozens of offices around the globe, the Middle East can seem a foreign and forbidding place. From a communications perspective, the region can be downright intimidating for even the most seasoned client-side communications executive. Fortunately, Wallis brings deep regional understanding to every client relationship – from day one of any engagement. Our partner-led agency has years of on-the-ground practical communications experience in the markets that matter most to our clients. The Wallis PR agency’s deep regional understanding sets us apart from our competitors.

Dynamic Master Storytelling

In an era of information overload, Wallis believes that dynamic master storytelling is the key communications weapon in the battle for the minds of Middle East-based stakeholders. Creating consistent, authentic, and trusted stories which articulate organizational insight into industries is what Wallis does best. We help clients talk with audiences, rather than at them, so that clients can always speak authoritatively as thought leaders in their fields. In short, Wallis creates dynamic master storytelling on behalf of clients which enables them to establish an emotional connection with their constituencies, stories which are in alignment with what their audiences already know, feel, and believe. We make the client’s story its unique selling point, and that is not a communications approach taken by most other PR agencies operating in the region.

Professional Service Delivery

In Middle East communications, as with nearly every other endeavor on earth, execution is everything. And Wallis believes that its ability to get things done – its professional service delivery – is a top differentiator, setting it widely apart from competing agencies. From media training executive clients and conducting on-the-ground events to measuring and analyzing results, Wallis demonstrates a sustained commitment to professional service delivery. If a brand is a promise, then the Wallis brand stands for speed, accuracy, and reliability in professional service delivery.

We are privileged to be working with clients that are the “best-in-the-business” across the world.

Wallis has advised hundreds of the world’s leading organizations in more than two dozen vertical industry sector.

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